GeneralHow does this tool help Sportspeople?

So you want to improve performance - and be the best you can be? This tool offers you a non-threatening framework for looking at yourself as a 'whole athlete'. Best used with your mentor, coach or trainer - but you can start yourself and then share the results with the people who help you. This builds a healthy self-esteem and resilience essential for top performance.

This involves answering questions that require easy self-analysis. Click on the resulting graphs and follow the  explanations and strategies that identify skills and techniques to help you actualise your sporting potential.

Use the Sport Performer

The support of a trained mentor with the Sport Performerâ„¢ tool means a sportsperson no longer needs to face their world alone. Your self-esteem and resilience can now support the demands of top performance.

The Sport Performerâ„¢ measures, explains and improves the following characteristics in sportspeople.


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Performance Skills

Realistic Goals Aware of Strengths Values Feedback Confidence / Initiative

Performance Attitudes

Enjoys Competing Pride in Performance Team Commitment Tries New Challenges 

Social Interaction

Mixes Well Interacts in Communications Team Spirit Respects Others 

Communication Skills

Clear Communication Communicates Assertively Conveys Feelings Leadership Communication


Knows Body Functions Responsible Healthy Self
Accepts Appearance
Avoids Negatives Substances

Global Self Worth

Values Individuality
Comfortable with Self
Positive Life Direction
Seeks Challenges

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Why should I use Sport Performer?

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