New Zealand-based Frontline Solutions Ltd is a leading provider of performance management tools, materials and support. We enable anyone responsible for managing people to develop and maximise an individual person's potential and enhance their self-esteem. Research shows focused mentoring and coaching is a key to maximising personal performance.

Coaching and Mentoring tools make great Mentors and Coaches!

These tools make coaching and mentoring relationships strong and effective. People respond positively to the experience of seeing their strengths displayed on screen in ways never offered before. This speeds up the understanding of 'who individuals really are' and gives guides for coaches and mentors to develop potential?

These tools are unique - they avoid the hours that old paper systems take to provide feedback. People can see immediately, often for the first time, that someone cares about who they are and what they think is important in their lives.

Now people who train as mentors and coaches can get to work quickly, as their focus is clearly identified in the profiling tools. Progress is visible - the important issues are right there on the screen in front of you. Answers and explanations are right there too - click the big red bars on the graphs, so you can decide what to talk about with your mentor or coach.

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Frontline Solutions Ltd
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(+64) (21) 0299 6872
Doug Cowie

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