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How to Use

Choose the tool below to start your personal development program.

Each tool asks questions and translates your responses into graphs like the sample provided.

Just click on your chart to see explanations and many suggestions for your personal improvement. 

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When you 'Preview' the free trial you will only have access to one of the six parts of the Student Performer tool.  This will demonstrate how easily all of the tools work.

Technical skills alone are no longer enough to succeed in today's workplaces. You also need well-developed personal qualities and 'people skills'

Key Benefits from the Frontline Performance Profilers

Each tool improves performance by addressing the personal qualities that impact on our driving forces (our self-esteem/belief & confidence).  Find out what affects your confidence to attempt new challenges - and what are your strengths to handle obstacles. Identify whatever is holding you back in life and read the suggestions to make changes.

Our research into personal performance has resulted in distinctive tools for each life focus.  Work - Education - Sport - Lifestyle. You can experience 'whole person' benefits  from changes in the areas identified and explained when you use these tools.

How to Use the Tools

Take a few minutes to understand how easy it is to use these tools. Remember each tool has three parts.

  • Questions where you (or you and your mentor) rate yourself and monitor your progress.
  • Explanations of the results in your graphs.
  • Strategies to start your improvement.

How many people use each tool?

These are personal development tools. You can use the Performance Tools  yourself  - but they  provide best value in a coaching / mentoring environment. So share them with someone who helps with your improvement.Mentee & Mentor

You choose which other people can help. You (the performer or mentee); can share results with your mentor, coach or trainer - a 'significant other person' in your life who you accept and trust.  You can give them access User Name & ID to work through your explanations and strategies online.

Get Started Immediately

Either obtain your access from your organisation or purchase you User ID and confidential password access by clicking here.

Mentors use the Performance Profilers to be more Effective

Save time, avoid those initial uncomfortable moments when sharing personal qualities. The Performance Tools offer a neutral framework, shared language and objective starters to make your coaching / mentoring relationship work smoothly.

Who uses these performance tools?

Research shows that once the assessments are complete it is best to use the results and strategies within a coaching / mentoring environment.

Each tool is very easy to use and will give even the most misunderstood person the chance to tell their story to the people who are most important to their personal progress. Choose the tool appropriate to your performance area.

Each tool is an application of sound educational and psychological research findings on what makes people perform better and how individual performance improvement can be measured, fostered and developed.

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