Mentoring Tools in the Workplace for Performance Improvement

When your greatest assets are your people - why are you not using them to provide economical on-the-job training to climb your business out of the recent downturn?

Managing staff development with Workplace Performer guarantees highest quality training but reduces the costs. Here is a tool for managers that identifies and promotes your most productive people while building total staff productivity.

Reduce training costs with Workplace PerformerMentor and client

These tools don't just measure performance - they develop and support the workforce - so staff and managers experience a much more productive and healthier work environment.

The Qualities Developed by the Workplace Performer


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Workplace Learning

Learning Awareness
Learning Motivation
Work Study Skills
Literacy & Numeracy

Realising Potential

Work Goal Setting
Work Attitudes
Work Habits
Work Performance Satisfaction

Work Relationships

Interaction at Work
Dealing with Authority
Relationship Skills
Effective Team Member

Work Communication

Workplace Clarity
 Personality Assertiveness Leadership Communication

Health & Lifestyle

Health Awareness
Diet & Fitness
Body Image
Lifestyle Management

Global Self Worth

Self Image
Realistic Expectations
Self Belief
Enjoyment of Life

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Managers who fear becoming Mentors!

When the company  decides managers will now do all the training and coaching of all staff development internally .... will you struggle with the six most feared consequences of becoming the Coach or Mentor?