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Workplace Performer

Workplace Performer is an online software profiler to increase productivity at work. It provides a framework to highlight, monitor and manage changes that will improve output from all people.

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When you 'Preview' the free trial you will only have access to one of the six parts of the Student Performer tool.  This will demonstrate how easily all of the tools work.

SIX most feared consequences of a manager becoming the Coach or Mentor

1.   Time & income loss

"I'm already stretched - how will I find the hours to understand each of my group's personal issues. I won't get my own work done and will lose income".

2.   Lack of skills and confidence

"I'm not trained in coaching/teaching or mentoring - I feel uncomfortable with some people".

3.   Leaders solve problems not coaching people

"My skills are in solving the big issues and dealing with problems - not sitting down with people to see their issues". 

4.   Acceptance by all

"How can I offer them impartial support when there are company goals to follow? I'm not able to find neutral language, patience and focus required to solve individual problems - this must be a conflict of roles".

5.   Losing power and prestige

"If relationships are so important to coaching - then I'm worried about losing control and becoming one of them".

6.   Few training skills

"How can I learn the skills of mentoring? - there are no role models in our organisation".

Two online tools and some effective mentor training can take those six fears away.

With mentor training and use of these performance tools you will improve the performance of each person you work with. Take up the challenge today. Work within the framework and focus provided with the Mentor Profiler for managers and the Workplace Performer for your staff.


Save time, appear confident, supportive and skilled with everyone you manage. - Give them an independent tool so they share responsibility rather than making you the devil for judging and controlling their pathway at work.

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Become a coach or a mentor without losing your way - and your job!

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