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How to Use

Choose the tool below to start your personal development program.

Each tool asks questions and translates your responses into graphs like the sample provided.

Just click on your chart to see explanations and many suggestions for your personal improvement. 

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When you 'Preview' the free trial you will only have access to one of the six parts of the Student Performer tool.  This will demonstrate how easily all of the tools work.

Key Benefits from the Frontline Performance Profilers

Self-Esteem and confidence building is the key focus

We all need help identifying the unique ingredients that contribute to our performance ability and developing our self-esteem. Frontline Solutions tools offer an organised approach to maximising potential and suggest working with support  from mentors and coaches or the "significant others" in your life. We refer to this as 'mentoring' - others may use the term 'coaching'.

Each tool is an application of sound educational and psychological research findings on what makes people perform better and how individual performance improvement can be measured, fostered and developed.

The process can be used in a wide variety of settings - in the workplace, with sportspeople and with young people in education. Our focus centers around self-esteem, resilience and growing confidence. Each tool  identifies twenty four contributing factors.

Self - Esteem Model

The major features of our mentoring methods

  • Self-esteem has a major bearing on individuals' performance, productivity, creativity, and contributions to the organisations climate.
  • The whole person's potential can be developed and realised through the enhancement of their self-esteem.
  • Through effective mentoring, people acquire or improve competencies in skill areas that are crucial to the successful personal and organisational performance
  • Appropriate performance enhancing relationships - through mentoring - need to be established through a structured process (and not left to chance)

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