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What is it?

The secret to being a great mentor lies in trust, honesty, and unconditional acceptance that sets no expectations.

Mentoring is a relationship where two people agree to help maximise performance and achieve goals. Most successful people have mentors to help them discover and make best use of their potential.

With a special relationship....

An Introduction to Mentoring [3 Workshops]

1. An Introduction to the Benefits of Mentoring for the Organisation

- suited to management for clarification of goals and to design your mentoring programme to align with existing performance management practices.

2. An Introduction to the Benefits of Mentoring for Mentees

- for those who will benefit from access to a mentoring relationship. We assist management to proceed and present mentoring to key stakeholders as well as the recipients of mentoring within the organisation. It also addresses 'how to be a responsible mentee'.

3. An Introduction to the Benefits of Mentoring for Potential Mentors

- an understanding of their role and rewards. We explain the guidelines; clarify the expectations; and outline the support for those offering themselves for the mentoring role.

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