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The Mentor Profiler

A profiler for mentor training programs with resource materials that teaches mentors / coaches to be great.

Mentors, coaches and managers should also use the appropriate performance profiler to assist your mentee.

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GeneralWhat is it?

A tool for all mentoring programmes that measures, assists and monitors your growth as a mentor or coach.

Apply this online tool universally to screen and develop effective mentors.  Then start using Frontline Solution's performer tools to power development in your people.

This  involves answering questions indicating how you rate as a mentor. These are followed by explanations and suggestions that offer skills and techniques to make you more effective when helping others improve their performances.

The Mentor Profiler measures and monitors the following 24 attributes of effective mentors. It identifies personal development strategies required for individually training a mentor where necessary in each of the 24 attributes listed below. These are the indicators included in the tool.


Indicator 1

Indicator 2

Indicator 3

Indicator 4






Interpersonal Relationships

Creating Trust Encouraging Disclosure Context and Continuity Empathising with Others


Reflective Listening Communication Barriers Communicating Assertively Non-Verbal Communication


Positive Outlook Utilising Potential Coping with Change Having Direction

Facilitative Skills

Clarity Questioning Techniques Giving Advice Coping with Conflict

Global Self Worth

Self Image Realistic Expectations Self-Belief Enjoyment of Life

Don't risk being an ill-equipped Mentor

Clients (mentees) often only give you one chance to access essential personal information and issues. So make sure you are trained and prepared with effective mentoring skills.

Mentor Profiler is the tool that you, as a mentor, should complete online when  undertaking your mentor preparation and training. This will maximise your mentoring skills. If you apply the profiler again after training and during your mentoring experiences (3-9 months), you can track your personal skills development - one of the great benefits of being a mentor. Remember this is a non-threatening encouragement tool.

You owe it to your mentee to be prepared. Your profile printout will also be evidence to others of your mentoring and coaching attributes.

Sign up now - and use the Mentor Profiler - to make sure you will be an effective mentor.

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