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How to Use

Choose the tool below to start your personal development program.

Each tool asks questions and translates your responses into graphs like the sample provided.

Just click on your chart to see explanations and many suggestions for your personal improvement. 

FREE Trial

Register here for a free trial of the tools:


When you 'Preview' the free trial you will only have access to one of the six parts of the Student Performer tool.  This will demonstrate how easily all of the tools work.

Mentors use the Performance Profilers to be more Effective

These are the benefits for Mentors / Coaches and their learners using the Performance Tools.

    one on one mentoring
  • Assess, monitor and measure development.
  • Establish appropriate relationships by using the strategies in the correct software tools.
  • Assess a person's potential and their competencies.
  • Identify and help address specific personal development needs in their mentees.
  • Focus on self-esteem enhancement within a positive environment. 
  • Monitor their effectiveness as mentors/coaches.
  • Identify areas that need focus and assistance.
  • Assist a mentor to select appropriate strategies and activities to develop these needs.
  • Allow an individual to rate their own personal performance growth and identify areas for development.
  • Enable comparisons between an individual's self-rating and ratings of others, e.g. Managers, mentors and coaches.

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