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Managed Mentoring

You must address the whole system
Frontline Solutions Ltd. and our accredited Associates offer your organisation a managed mentoring service.

How many of the 4 common obstacles to top performance exist in your organisation's teams?

  1. Undervalued
    Are your people often looking for another environment to attain valued feedback, job satisfaction, and career fulfilment? And are they unhappy with their lifestyle and not focused on their work?

  2. Comfort Zone
    Do your people shelter in their 'comfort zone of performance' or aligning with lower achievers to gain acceptance and support?

  3. Worthiness
    Do some managers and staff have doubts about belonging or their personal worthiness? Do they feel their work is important? Is performance recognised and acknowledged? Do your people feel alone or exposed as elite performers?

  4. Ineffective Training
    Have staff been disappointed by previous short-term solutions? - e.g. motivations, workshops and keynotes that promised but failed to change behaviour.

Through a managed mentoring programme that ensures enduring changes, Frontline Solutions Ltd and our Associates will bring the following benefits to your organisation by empowering your management.

The benefits to you are:

  • Increased awareness of actual performance potential in staff
  • Maximising potential in individual staff and managers
  • Extending your top performers with fresh inspirational leadership
  • Reduced staff turnover
  • Positive and effective feedback - at appropriate times
  • Effective communication within staff and management
  • Better decision-making and positive work environment
  • Enjoyable lifestyles, and reduced anxiety

To find out how we resolve these obstacles in your work teams contact Frontline Solutions Ltd to book a free session "The Value of Mentoring to Manage Better Performances from your Workforce"

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