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About Us

History & Development

Our tools are based on 25 years of international research by Louis J. Thompson, the NZ Centre for Notational Analysis, and many years of practical application of these resources by active coaches and mentors. Lou Thompson formulated a personal development model based on research into self-esteem, resilience and self-belief.

Following testing at UNITEC in Auckland and with the advent of online technologies, the mentoring profilers have come alive. And they continue to evolve as contributors and our Associates feedback further effective strategies from the field.

We have applied Thompson's model to produce online personal management software tools used by coaches and mentors who work with a wide variety of training programmes and people across different cultures.

We create, customise and deliver software tools via the web in order to:

  • Identify performance potential
  • Provide development strategies
  • Monitor impact and changes for people at work, in sport, in training and education.Our products and associated training are for professionals and organisations working to support and manage performance.

These profilers provide:

  • Assessment prior to intervention
  • Focus for mentor/coach activity
  • Strategies for mentors
  • Clear evidence of progress and accountability.

The company is based in Auckland.

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