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About Us

About this website

This website is a resource for anyone who seeks improvement of their personal strengths.

This website has been designed especially to help people who work with a mentor or coach - but it will be helpful for those working alone on improving their performance. Choose the tool appropriate for you - then obtain your User ID  and confidential password from your organisation, your mentor / manager, or contact us to purchase your own licence.

Each tool will provide an assessment of your strengths and identify issues to work on or to share with your mentor / coach to help your personal development plans. As well as the immediate feedback you will also be able to monitor progress and take accountability.

Our research shows that preparing mentors with the Mentor Profiler, then choosing ongoing use of the appropriate Frontline Solutions Performer development tools with their clients, will provide a highly effective framework for personal growth. There is a performance tool for anyone who wishes to excel or improve.

Performance improvement results are achieved through:

  • Training of managers / mentors / coaches to use these tools to be more effective mentors
  • Establishing mentoring relationships with focus and targets (managed mentoring)
  • One-on-one mentoring over time that measures changes. ( re-applying the tools)

We believe this will increase the self-worth and self-esteem - which in turn lifts the performance - of all people.

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